Knowing how to research the financial background of Chinese backed companies or projects is a common challenge for activists and communities who are impacted by Chinese investors. This document provides basic information on how to research Chinese companies and Chinese backed projects. The document will focus on:

  •  Clarifying and demystifying what kind and the extent of information disclosure required of Chinese companies in China
  • Identifying common online sources and strategies for conducting research on a company or project
  • Providing general tips on how to find information on a Chinese company or backed project
  • Recommendations on how to find information when none or very little can be found online

This document presumes all research will be conducted in English, and will only point to sources in Chinese that can be translated via Google Translate. Given the lack of information disclosure and transparency practices among Chinese companies and banks, being able to fully flesh out the financial or corporate history of a company can be challenging. However, this document is meant to help researchers make the most from desk based research, often by piecing together pieces of information.