China and Latin America bet today for an enhanced cooperation in infrastructure projects as part of the potential supposed by the initiative of the Belt and Route.

Prensa Latina

According to Vicepresident of the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Yin Zonghua, Latin America is a natural extensión of the Sea Route of Silk, part of the Chinese megaproject proposed in 2013.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the director of the China-Latin America Study Center of the Tsinghua University,

Taotao Chen, explained that Latin American countries should first consult among themselves in a practical way what they expect from Chiona and how they can cooperate with the Asian giant in the framework of the Belt and Route initiative.

Latin America can learn from the experiences of our stage of reform and opening, its government can stimulate enterprises and local entrepreneurs so they may benefit from foreign investments according to their capacity, emphasized Taotao.

On the other hand, professor Xu Shicheng of the Academy of Social Sciences of China, considered that economic and commercial relations between Beijing and Latin America are mutually beneficial amid the international trend marked by protectionism.

According to official figures, from 2011 to 2040, total investment demand in infrastructure of Latin America will exceed 13 trillion dollars.

Recently, during the Week of Infrastructures China-Latin America 2018, it was known that over the next 15 years, Beijing plans to import 24 trillion dollars in ítems and invest over two trillion dollars abroad.