Spotlight: Change in China inspires Latin America

Xinhuanet Whenever Guillermo Danino traveled abroad, he would go to bookstores. And whenever he visited a bookstore, he would seek out the Chinese section for books on Chinese culture. The Peruvian sinologist has a library of books on China in five languages --...

China moves into Latin America

The Asian giant is taking advantage of other powers’ lack of interest in the region The Economist WHILE Donald Trump was in Davos last week trying to persuade the global plutocracy that “America First” does not mean “America alone”, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi,...

China and Latin America: A Complex Reality

Brinknews By Matt Ferchen Much has been made of China’s growing commercial and diplomatic relationship with Latin America. Some have warned that China is replacing the United States as the region’s most important partner. Yet this emerging conventional wisdom ignores...

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