¿About us?

The presence of Chinese investment in Latin America has been intensified in the last decade, it materializes through several projects executed directly by Chinese or domestic companies form the borrower countries. Furthermore, the agreements between governments pose clauses which include special performance conditions, for example, the hiring of Chinese manpower, other loans, in some cases they will be paid with the income form commodities exportation, other investments aim at agribusiness, forming a wide range of fields which are possible to reach.

This Chinese project platform in Latin America aspires to strength the action capacity of Latin American organizations, social movements, and ONGs contributing to the knowledge of nature, modalities and sectors the Chinese investments are aimed at, as well as the way implement agreements between the governments and how the Chinese companies perform in the region.

inversiones chinas en América Latina, así como la forma de implementación de acuerdos entre los gobiernos y el desempeño que tienen empresas chinas en la región.


  • to deliver a panorama about the current status of the Chinese investment in Latin America, how has it been developed so far, under what legal frames has it taken place, and what is expected from it in the future.
  • To visualize in a common space which constitutes an information source about the agreements, projects that are or will be founded with resources coming from Chinese investments in Latin America countries.
  • To share experiences from the parties involved in Chinese investment projects in Latin America, with the intention of learning about the processes performed in each country and the access level to the information and the public participation about the Chinese investment projects.
  • Only a summary of the projects is presented along with the contact of the organizations that face the challenge presented by said investment in these countries.
  • To examine the possibilities of incidence which open for the social organizations of the Latin America area to access decision making spaces and incidence in the implementation of social and environmental standards which exist in the operational rules of the Chinese development banks.
  • To promote socialization and exchange spaces with international organizations that have a valuable accumulation of experience onChinese investment in other regions.