Company synopsis

China Railway Group Limited (“CREC”) is a mega-corporation based in Beijing, China which integrates design, building, installation, industrial fabrication, property development, mineral products and resources, financial investment, and other services.

In terms of infrastructure, said company coversalmost all building fields, including railroads, road building, municipal works, residential building, urban rail transportation, hydroelectric engineering, airports, harbors and docks.

Projects in Colombia

Since 2011 Colombian media revealed that its government was having conversations with China Railway Materials Company in order to build a so-called dry canal as an alternative to the Panama canal which will be on planning process and whose priority will be the charcoal transportation from Colombia to China and will include a 220 kilometers railroad that will communicate Caribbean and Pacific. Eventhough the information about these conversations was released, there is no further knowledge regarding the actual development of the project so far.

Reseach entity
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