On august 21st 2013 the tender for this project was awarded to the consortium consisting of Electroingeniería S.A. – China GezhoubaGroup Company Limited –Hidrocuyo S.A.

approximate de $18.947 million.


The President Dr Néstor Kirchner (Kirchner from now on) will be located in the transition between the middle and the superior valleys, at 250 km of the Santa cruz river and at 170 km east around El calafate town, the closest most populated point in the area, while the Governor Jorge Cepernic dam (Cepernic from now on), will be located in the middle valley in the km 185 of the actual river stream and at around 135 km from commander Luis Piedra Buena town, the closest most populated point in the area. Six turbines Francis type which will provide 1.140 megawatts are going to be installedin the Kirchner dam,as forthe Cepernic dam 5 Kaplan type turbines, with a total 600 megawatts, will be incorporated.

This complex will generate 1.730 megawatts of electricity (equivalent to 10% of the total energy generated in the country).

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