Project Cubico Alten Solar PV Project
Location Mexico, El Llano municipality, State of Aguascalientes.
Institution/Company Ortiz Group
IDB Financing / Chinese cofinancing Fund. It is expected that the financing plan will include loans from the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Inter-American Develoment Bank (IDB) for up to USD 100 millon and a loan from the Chinese co-financing Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean up to USD 50 millones
Starting year / State Approved on 19/11/201
Project Overview The Cubico Alten Solar PV Project consists in the design, construction and providing service and operation of two centralized solar photovoltaic power stations with a combined capacity of 290 MW. These will be connected with the National Mexican Federal Electricity Commission Network. The stations will be constructed in the municipality of El Llano in the State of Aguascalientes, Mexico. The project wil linclude two centralized solar energy stations (Solem I with 150 MW and Solem II with 140 MW), two electricity substations, and a transmision energy line of 230 kV spanning 6.6 kilometers that will connect the substations to the CFE