Transitional union formed by Power China and the Argentinian firm Panedile.

First stage: US$68 million / Second stage: 400 milliondollars
Starting year / Status
The first stage is in progress


The project consists in the construction of a dam for the generation of hydroelectric power through the diversion of the San Juan river. The aforementioned dam, will be the fourth built in the stream of the river; “Caracoles”, “Ullum”and “Punta negra” are already operating.The first stageis being executed by UTE Techint – Panedile which built the “Los caracoles” dam, and is currently finishing the construction of the “punta negra” dam, the stage consists in the diversion of the river with an investment of 68 million dollars in 28 months.

The second and last stage, product of an agreement between the national government and the Techint – Panedile popular republic of China government, it was agreed that the last will provide 85% of the total investment, while the national government will provide the remaining 15%. In this context, the contract for the concession of the project was signed by the Transitional union formed by Power China and the argentinian firm Panedile. This final stage will have a 4 years estimate deadline and an investment of 400 million dollars.

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