Project ECON-Program for Green Bonds for Pemex Efficient Energy Projects
Location Mexico
Institution/Company ECON Integral Energy Services S.A.P.I., S.A
IDB Financing / Chinese cofinancing Fund. Total amount USD 252.46 millon: USD 50 millon from the Chinese co-financing Fund for LAC.
Starting year / State Approved on 24/06/2015
Project Overview The project is the first use financing of US$400 millon from Equity Market a Solution for Efficient Energy Financing in ALC (RG-X1250). The project consists in a revolving credit line to a SPV for up to US$150 millon composed of a loan from the IDB for up to US$100 millon and a loan from the Chinese co-financing Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean for up to US$50 millon. The revolving credit line will accumulate a portfolio of efficient energy projects developed by ECON Integral Energy solutions in Pemex installations previously secured. The second phase will consist in a program of partial guarantees for credit up to US$100 millon in local currency to guarantee safeguard bonds in a Green Bond Program for up to MXN$5 billion. It is expected that green bonds will be emitted every 18 to 24 months after signing the credit line.