Project National Electric Distribution System Reinforcement Program II
Location Ecuador
Institution/Company Implementing Body: Electricity Ministry and Renewable Energy (MEER)
IDB Financing / Chinese cofinancing Fund. Total value USD 80 Millon; USD 30 millon from the Chinese cofinancing LAC Fund
Starting year / State Approved on 24/06/2015
Project Overview The operation must be developed with the following components: Component I: Reinforcement for the National Distribution System (US$30 mn)- This component supports the expansion and rehabilitation of the SND, in order to respond to the demand projected by the Electrification Master Plan. This includes: i) Sub-Component A: Projects to improve service quality, ii) Sub-Component B: Projects or the expansion of the SND, iii) Sub-component C: Projects to reduce electricity loss. Component II: SND Operation Optimization (US$28 millon). This component supports aquiring control and monitoring units to optimize SND operations. Component III: Strengthening capabilities in electricity (US$2 millone). This component supports operation capacity of the Electric Distribution Companies and includes purchasing related equipment.