Project Reinforcement Program for the National Electric Distribution System
Location Ecuador
Institution/Company Implementation Body: Renewable Energy and Electricity Ministry (REEM)
IDB Financing / Chinese cofinancing Fund. Total amount USD 220 millon: 50 millon from the Chinese co-financing Fund for LAC
Starting year / State Approved on 12/06/2014
Project Overview Objectives specified by the Program are: (i) begin to reinforce the SND to operate at levels of 200 V; (ii) increase reliability levels of the SND; and (iii) help develop a strategy that allows for gradual GLP displacement by electricity in residential clients. The Program includes two principle components: Component I – Reinforce Distribution Infrastructure (US$162.4 millon). Componente I includes: (i) increasing the capacity of the distribution network from 110 V to 200 V in the EED Quito, South Center and Guayaquil; (ii) reinforce substations to operate at 220 V; and (iii) imiprove subtransmission lines. Component II – Design a strategy for GLP migration to electricity in the residential sector. (US$5.6 millon). Component II includes an analysis of the GLP market.